Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Heads and Tails

Sometimes we get to fabricate some pretty cool stuff in the kitchen. When an entire animal comes in, I, along with the other chefs, daydream of all the cool things we can do with the parts of the animal that are not normally used.

This pic was just as I was re-enacting an entire scene from Hamlet ("Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio, a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy...). Kitchen theater, it's all the rage.

OK, so it eventually got made into soup, but my scene went almost perfect until I began to laugh at myself for getting into a debate with the head of what was a 30 pound lamb an hour ago. Small for our standards and a poor yield for serving. Thank goodness one of us thought to make sausage for brunch!

Did anyone catch that review in the Post? I do not think I have been ripped that badly by a critic since the days of Zola, and even then we managed 2 stars. It almost reads like there were some personal issues between he and Barton. Either way the show goes on.

Barton, chef, and I realize it was fair in the assessment of many of the dishes he disliked. Well, the 3 that he did not. The fritters, I wish I could have that batch back. I have had a hand in them since day one. The vegetable pot pie came off the menu last week because none of us was happy with the dish. I forget what else he tore apart, and that is mostly because I have not read it yet. It was too depressing. Oh well, thus is life.

Out of time...more pics on the way! Ciao.