Monday, April 13, 2009

On Tour

The calm before the storm...

So, since I am opening up a new restaurant shortly, with the understanding that very soon I will be dedicated to this place like none before it, I have been trying to enjoy my time outside of work while I can.

In a little over a week I have eaten out at several well known restaurants, looking for fun, inspiration and to raise my pinky toward the sky and snicker at others' expense. Michel Richard's Central, Cafe du Parc, Art & Soul, and Assaggi in Bethesda. I also ate at Lia's in Chevy Chase and unfortunately, because I did not have high expectations, this place I enjoyed more than the rest and it cost about half!

At Central, I know a manager and a bartender that I used to work with at different points in my career. The manager used to take me out for drinks before I was of age. She was awesome, and it is great to see her at such a respectable establishment. I told her where I was currently working and she seemed thrilled or me. She spoke to myself and my date for several minutes in between courses. Our server was around less then she was, and by less I mean I never saw him until each course arrived. We even poured our own wine the entire meal.

The best part about our entire meal was the french fries that came with the tartare of Filet Mignon. $200 down the drain, not including the tip, and the dessert was taken off of the check. Disappointing at best, but just the beginning of my short little food tour, which I'll be posting about all week.

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