Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Early Morning Company


Well, so much for getting here before anyone else. Eli and chef were here when I got in at 9am, kinda weird and a good sign that we're getting the finishing touches together for opening. Right now we are going over a tentative opening schedule. "Tentative" being the most important word in that sentence, even though the rest of the sentence sounds real nice.

Still waiting on Washington Gas to come back as well. Unfortunately for us, they are kind of like Comcast. They give time windows of 8 hours, so today they told us between 7am and 5pm. Great. Might as well have said between 10am and August. And we're running out of things to clean, so let's get this thing hoppin'!

Time to get to work...did you get a chance to look over our opening menu? We're close...

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Carson said...

Dear James,
fyi you are impossible to find on facebook, just like you told me you would me. I however, am not, so why don't you do me the favor of friending me. Much love,