Saturday, May 24, 2008


Ever heard the expression "while the cat is away the mice will play?" That would be The Mad Chef this weekend, as my GM is off for the weekend and my chef is about to take a leave of absence...leaving only yours truly to run the show.

Soft shells, some heirloom tomatoes, purple basil, and some nice buffalo mozzarella are running through my head right now. I will put the dish together tomorrow but I know right now I will serve the soft shells "tempura style" with a caprese salad, and a basil aioli to top it off. Perfect for the weather we are FINALLY beginning to have, global warming anyone??

So as I blast my music in the kitchen this weekend I gotta ask, what kind of music do you listen to while you are cooking? Most of my former chefs would prefer bands like Audioslave and Soundgarden, and some with no music at all...and I didn't last long in those kitchens.

In my kitchen you will hear everything from Outkast to Fleetwood Mac to 311. Kinda all over the place, huh? You will never hear country though. If I have a full staff in the kitchen we usually have to mix it up. With most of it being Latin American music, sometimes I feel like dawning a sombrero and a bottle of Cuervo and go looking for a fight. Other times I feel like I want to cry, and for some reason that music is their favorite. How can you work like that?

Every now and again I get them to play this group by the name of Mana. They are apparently the equivalent of U2 for Latin countries, similar in sound to U2 when they kicked ass in the 80s...not anything in the last 10 years. But the fun this weekend will be about the food, it'll just be a bit more fun making it when I'm the guy in charge!


Anonymous said...

Okay Mad Chef...if I recall you went with me to a U2 concert in the 90's and had an good time. Or was it just the overwhelming smell of weed that out that smile on your face all night?

Mad Chef of M Street said...

Guilty as charged...

Anonymous said...

Just checking.