Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thousands Served...

Hey folks, we just hit 1,000 plus independent views in under 2 months, not bad for word of mouth! Thank you to all the readers out who have stuck with this. Remember, comments and feedback are always appreciated, and we've had a bunch more recently so keep it up!

Lots more fun coming up this summer, with production of the TV show rolling along, we should be shooting the pilot in August and all the details will be right here. Plus, celebrity sightings and diners to talk about, new catering events and opportunities coming up and the usual back and forth goodness about life in a high class restaurant in the Nation's Capital.

Keep reading, this Mad Chef of M Street guy is just getting started.

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Mad Chef of M Street said...

Thanks bro. And thanks to everyone who's helped me and inspired me to start this journey and keep the ship on it's course. We're just getting started.