Monday, May 12, 2008

You ARE the Weakest Link!

[Chili Cook-off Tangent]I completely forgot to write about Mothers Day!!!

Well, not really, my restaurant is closed. Yeah, that's right we are closed. I am spoiled and I am damn proud of it. It may be foolish/selfish for a restaurant NOT to be open on Mother's Day, but guess what, mine ain't and you wont hear a peep out of me over it. As for my momma, she got a nice present.

[/Chili Coof-off Tangent]

Onto an email I got from our "cooks captain" today...hope I see her again next year!! I am now convinced that my chili was replaced, went missing, switched by accident whatever have you. But something was amiss.

I stated yesterday that my chili was 1st through the first 2 rounds they put it through. Great comments and only one negative comment through all of the rounds being that the beans were top mushy. No sweat right?? But turns out I didn't even come in second or third...or even fourth or fifth. Basically, from first to off the charts.

How is that possible?? I mean it's all good either way, but man do I feel like I got my butt kicked. When I saw the email I was thinking, "Yes at least I came in second or third, this would be great to write about." But alas nothing of the sort came out of that email. Better luck next year, kid. Thats OK, next year I will have something new for all of them.

So for those of you who made it out to the cook-off I ask, what'd you think of the chili?? Let a brother know!

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