Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Name Game


Total tranquilo, not much going on in the kitchen. Although I think we are going to rename our walk-in refrigerator a "reach around" refrigerator, because you can't fit more then one person in it at a time.

We have officially named our wood grill, not by my choice, Carey-Ann. I would say why Barton named it that, but it isn't necessary. I was really hoping to call her "my bitch," because she burns me every damn day. The grill cook and I have several markings on our arms from her wrath. Yes, Barton is gone, but chef named her that today in his absence...maybe because he misses him already?

I got into work this morning at 10am, and it felt great to wake up after 9:30 and drive a few blocks into work from a friends place. Maybe I should stay there more often!

1 comment:

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