Monday, January 26, 2009

Chili and Chillin


One day removed from the trip I must say, it was a blast. THAT JUST HAPPENED would barely scrape the surface. All of my trips to NY and The House of Dreams go down in style.

Arriving at 1am, meeting new faces that I may never see again and listening to some good tunes being created before our very ears. The Higher Concept is never one to disappoint newcomers. Too bad cameras only travel so far since, well, some things just aren't PC for the camera. I must have fallen asleep around 4am since I had been up at 6am that Friday. Woke up around 7:30am to prepare the chili, and off I went.

Around 10am when the chili was finally done, things were starting to move around in The House of Dreams, with producer Tekst finalizing plans to be at a show in Baltimore that evening. Tony Crush of the Zulu Nation checked in before noon and by then everything was in motion.

We made it to the Bronx just after noon and I was treated with the name "The Ringer"...I guess they were expecting me? It was a damn good time while my friend Wes and I ran the beer pong table for the majority of the party...until being kicked off in favor of a more team oriented game of flip cup. Eh, good enough for us, we established our PG County dominance in style for all the 'Cuse grads...though they made me do a keg stand after winning the contest, and I won't make that mistake again...

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