Thursday, January 29, 2009

Beat It


No time for sittin around today. Been to the gym already and its not even noon yet on my only day off from the kitchen. I will be back in one this evening working on some recipes with Panas Gourmet, but first comes the running around looking for all of the ingredients that I mentioned in the recipes. That will be the challenge of my day, since some foods are not easily found.

Now if I had planned ahead and begged my awesome vendor at Coastal Sunbelt, maybe she could have given me the foods I need in the small increments I want. It would have been a bit more expensive though since I am on a credit with them outside of my work, and it would have been delivered to me, it may have been worth it to go that route. Oh well.

Bills to pay, a house to check out, Fios to call and bitch about billing, food to search for, and recipes to test in a few hours. Fun filled day for me! As I type this I cant help but think about all the things I have set out to do while listening to this track that my friends in The Higher Concept sent me.

Have you ever sat down in a studio and watched someone make a song? I mean the producer plays a beat, but in this case a guitarist plays a few cords, and the guys all write a verse? Right before my eyes and over the course of 3 hours a song was made up. The rough version of course with no editing done.

It's raw for lack of a better word but it makes you appreciate what artists go through to create a masterpiece. Once the final editing is done I will be sure to post it on here so any of you can see what I am going crazy about. [Note from The Brain: Bitch, you must have forgotten about my band's recording sessions back in the day! I want my CD back...]

Oh yeah, I had every intention of going to check out my host Mike Way tonite at 8:30pm at the DC Improv, but that may have to wait because my meeting with Panas is at 7pm. Hopefully Saturday night I will get the opportunity to see his awesomeness in person. I have heard through the grapevine his new material is his own "Thriller," if you are old enough to fully understand that reference!

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