Saturday, January 10, 2009

No Trout for You!


Yesterday was a bit of a random day in the kitchen. A customer asked one of our servers if the chef could make a "trout meuniere." Uhhh, I hadn't even heard that term since culinary school. It almost threw me for a loop, almost being the key word. I had to answer no though, making a brown butter sauce isn't difficult, but it's not a 3 minute sauce either. On top of that, if it ain't on the menu then I usually say no. Go find a New Orleans style seafood house for something like that, dude.

I honestly think the customer just wanted to sound cool, because it was a kid. He was probably still in school and wanted to see if the chef could actually produce such a thing. Sure I can fry a damn trout man, but making you a sauce on the fly like that just isn't gonna happen. Not in the time frame you want at least, but I will probably make a brown butter sauce tomorrow for my special now since he put it in my head.

I got a random email from my produce vendor asking me if i was interested in cooking for a friend's engagement party. Eh, why not? If I can't be busy at work, I can make myself busy outside of it.

On what is turning out to be a bitter side note, Panas Gourmet asked me for my time and has yet to get back to me in almost a week. It wasn't difficult to come up with the sauces that I did. They asked me to follow a few guidelines and that was it. I sent out 10 different ideas and I haven't heard shit back. I would figure at least 4 of them were really good for what they were looking for. I could be wrong, but I doubt all of them could have been that bad. I even went so far as to outline cost effectiveness and cross utilize products in my own notes that I had yet to show them. Oh well, we will see what happens with that. That meeting isn't until next Thursday anyways...

Fios technician just arrived...hopefully I will be able to catch the bowl game this evening on my own TV!

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