Friday, January 2, 2009

Aught 9

Day one...

How was your night? Did you ring in the new year the way you wanted? I hope so, I stayed out of trouble and laid as low as possible this year. I got too many mass texts to count from so many people, I am beginning to consider it spam if it doesn't include an actual message other then 3 words.

Anyways, this year will be a one of work to make things happen I can say that much. Nothing will come easy and I wouldn't have it any other way. It may be a time of change, or things may stay the same, only time will tell.

First things first, as much as I would love this to be a day to sit on my ass and do nothing productive, that just isn't the case. Last week I was sent an email from a catering company I did some recipe development with a few years back by the name of Panas Gourmet. Well it looks as if they are doing pretty well for themselves and by looking over the menu, I can see a few things here and there I came up with. That's always a cool thing to see, feels good to have had a small hand in that.

They sent me an email asking for some new sauces and dips. Not too difficult right? If you know how to cook Argentinian foods that is. Which I do not, but I didn't know much before I did some research either. I am no expert on the food, but with the help of this Interweb thing and my own food knowledge, I think I can come up with some pretty cool stuff.

Back to gathering more info on the foods. One day at a time, feast or famine, something is going to get done this year. The Mad Chef of M Street is out to make this year two thousand and mine.

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