Monday, February 16, 2009

Pro Choice

Valentine's Day wrap up...

Two things I should have learned long ago in this business. One, a lot of black people come out on Hallmark Day, and unless your name is on the door it's just not your call...even when someone tells you it is.

First one, call another black man a racist but damn, it was overwhelmingly obvious there were tons of African Americans in the dining room last night. Some of them were good tables which is always nice to see, but there were those that still asked for water with extra lemons. My only question, is it a big day because we screw up the other 364 days of the year?

The second, about not being able to call the shots. Well, when Bill's (lets say that's the owners name) cousin's old roomate's uncle comes in and spends 600 bucks (which ain't shit as far as I'm concerned, because you can spend that on two bottles of wine if you chose to) on dinner and wants a burger for his driver, even while the kitchen is pumping out food like it's WacArnolds, you have to make it. Even if you are given a "choice."

Is it really a choice though when everyone around you thinks you should do it? I don't understand why I am given a choice in the first place. I do not know when I will learn this lesson. It has happened several times in my career where I am asked something and told its my choice. I make the choice and somehow it goes a different way.

why waste everyone's time when you already know what you want to be done? I could see if the situation were right and it was a test and that's fine, but this particular case along with many others has not been. I mean, like I said its not my name on the door. When it is though, it will be a different story. I will be perfectly willing to take the heat of shunning someone who wants to fuck up my flow on a busy night. Not busy? Not a problem.

Trying to be everything to everyone creates an identity problem. You can take that and apply it to everything, sports, individuals, businesses, restaurants, etc. Sometimes, even VIPs need to understand that some nights, they can't simply be catered to. And maybe sometimes chef's need to not take this stuff so seriously...I think it's the artist in me that was so offended. You know, sure, I'll stop halfway through my Mona Lisa to draw you a heart with an arrow through it for your lady. Well, if it's somebody important who wants that heart, then Mona can wait 5 minutes, right?

Gotta pick your fights, I guess. But I still don't like the false choice. It's like from the Godfather...being given "an offer you cannot refuse."

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