Thursday, February 26, 2009

You're My Boy, Blue!

Those winds of change???

Happy Monday! On a beautiful and cold as fuck evening, I am writing to you with the knowledge that my chef has been fired. Really, and I have no clue who is going to be in charge come tomorrow, or the next day. I have been told that they will be be looking outside the company for the next Executive Chef, that's great when there is someone with the potential to run the place working here already. Although I am not even sure I would want the job at this point.

Sorry to be vague, but these next several days are going to be interesting in every sense of the word. My line cooks have been talking about it all night and I know it. They are all wondering if I am next in line to take the wheel. Do I even want to? I mean there is no time like the present, but if it was offered to me would I want to stake my claim here?

Ehh...all I can think about now is how I have lost my days off for this week...and the next...and the get the point.

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