Monday, March 31, 2008

1435 Girard: Cultural Learings to Make Great People of Washington

Ahhh yes, 1435 Girard, I remember it, kinda...ok I remember enough, I think. As I stepped through the doors just after 8pm I could already tell it wasn't jam packed yet, which to me was a good thing.

Dim lights in the front with food and wine set elegantly to a corner caught my eye first. The music is just right, not too loud, but just audible enough to gather your attention only for a moment before you move on to look at the next piece of art. Walking through the hallway after the entrance is were the fun begins, this is after all someone's home that has been transformed into a chic art gallery.

Took notice especially to a piece that is a simple shot of the ocean as seen from a coastal point, shot in black and white. Stunning would be the word, but that may not justify what only the eyes can see, as the mouth (or the pen) gives no true translation. Making my way to the back room I am greeted by several people as Andrew (our host) introduces me to everyone within arms reach. That's why I'm here. Meeting new people is something that can never get boring for me. It is like opening presents at Christmas. For each new person comes a story different and a different point of view, which is even more palpable when experiencing art, music and food.

As I examine the appetizers my former co-worker Warren Hutchinson has prepared for the evening, I see an assortment of goodies. Zucchini wrapped shrimp with a Thai chili dipping sauce, black truffle pesto topped with wild mushrooms on toast points and finally a chocolate tart. The chocolate tart caught my sweet tooth's attention from the start, laced with a hint of orange it went perfect with the Bordeaux I was sipping.

I will not get into the food and dissect the flavors as if I were a critic, that's neither my place nor the reason I was at this event. But...Chef Hutchinson always delivers. I was there to meet and greet other DC natives in a festive yet classy surrounding. As for the art of Matthew Brookman...his work was fantastic. I dabbled in photography in high school and I can now see that I picked the correct art when I went to culinary school, because I can't do what he's done. I personally would have bid on a few of them had the "Mrs." not said otherwise.

Let me say that it's nice to see these grassroots events popping up around town, as DC (for all its greatness) has been lacking in culture and art for so long. Thanks to the guys at 1435 Girard and others, we could be on to something. See pictures below.

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