Saturday, March 29, 2008

Art, Chili and TV

A lot of stuff going on with the Mad Chef to talk about. This evening is the "Luminescence" art/food show with friends at 1435 Girard. This is always bound to be a good time. It has such a good vibe with a combination of spectacular photos taken from all over the world and exquisite food served by different chefs in the area. You cant really go wrong I guess. Charge a small fee at the door, provide a little food, some drinks.... all it needs is the people!!! Which hasn't yet to be a problem with this group. Lets hope this one stays on course and does just that.

Chili Cook-Off update, I now get an email from some woman that is a part of the National Kidney Foundation which tells me that the deadline is approaching and to hurry and sign friends up. I don't want to compete against anyone else!!! I already know what I will be up against, and I don't need to invite any more tough competition! In fact, I have gotten so many emails from this woman I had to respond to one just to get a second confirmation that I was in already.

Tentatively, yet in the works, I am hoping I will have a tent set up over my mini kitchen. Gotta protect the bald dome, and it hasn't seen much sun this year yet. Also some promotion in conjunction with University of Maryland football, some Mad Chef signage and maybe a special guest?? Yes, I want all the attention I can get, just in case the Chili is that good. Nah, not just in case, it's gonna be sick.

I recently met with a sponsor that I acquired for a pilot that will be shot some time in late July or early August. I want to try out my own skills on the tele. Some friends and myself have come up with an idea for a cooking show, but a different style of cooking show to say the least. I will divulge more details in the coming months as I sit down with my team of friends and alums from DeMatha, who are helping me cultivate the idea.

The studio, which I was shown Thursday, looks fantastic and its everything I could possible hope for. What station will this be on?? HAHA! If only it were that easy people. I, James Chase, will be starting at the bottom of the ladder like the rest. Public Access television baby, yes that's right, no Food Network, no Top Chef, no Anthony Bourdain guest appearances...well, not yet anyway!

Oh well, thats all the time I have to write now. Its early and I have a party of 80 to prepare for at 5 pm if I want to fly outta here and make the event tonite!! Cheers!!!

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