Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Speed Bump

So now that half of my day is over, or as I like to say "the speed bump" which is the lunch shift, I am going to finish up my special and write my menu for the evening. I have decided on using a nice cast iron pan I have in the kitchen to cook the Black Grouper.

I am going to pair it with red swiss chard and a little bit of baby arugula, which has a touch more bitterness to it then regular arugula. The greens are going to be tossed with some roasted corn and pimento peppers, some andouille sausage, and maybe some red onions. The sauce I had reducing for the past 2 hours will be a Port-Cinnamon Glaze when it is all said and done.

When reducing sauces or just making them in general I believe it is important to give it time. Just like, ya know, when you are making a pot roast or ribs at home, the longer it cooks the more tender, or in the case of ribs, the easier it will fall off the bone. Same thing applies when making sauces, show the food love and it will give you the same. Its that simple.

Its fun when the chef is off, its like the cat being away....you know the rest right?? As usual I begin to babble, during the course of my day I began to wonder what the weather was like outside, because yes, I havent seen it since about 9am and don't intend to see the sun again until tomorrow.

Cheers everyone.

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Dice said...

Sorry it has taken so long, but I wanted to say congrats! The chili cook off sounds good. I will let you know if I can make it!