Monday, March 17, 2008

What is Projectivity?

In my last blog I ended it with the term "Projectivity movement." I guess I should explain this in a little more detail. The Projectivity movement is made up of a large group of people that have come together from different backgrounds (career wise) and are building off of what each of them has to offer. Everyone involved stresses creativity and a positive message that they want to relay to the community. It is an ever growing project that knows no bounds in an effort to expand on the ideas and values we each share: originality, positivity, dedication and desire.

So there you have it, Projectivity to me is my own efforts to progress those and everyone around me as I continue to grow in my own right. Growth til death. The day we stop learning we, well, you can figure that one out.

My cooking has allowed me to come across some truly interesting people from all over the country. Interesting can be an understatement at times, as some of us know the type of people you can come across in a restaurant. Ratatouille the movie, smacks the nail on the head.

Before leaving work today my chef allowed me to make the special for the evening. Being that most of the food I make is simple, I kept it that way. I ended up with truffle whipped mash potatoes, an orange-brandy cream, and pan seared Chilean Black Sea Bass. The vegetable I got to use was pretty cool as well, it was called Carnival Cauliflower. HUH??? Yup, it was multi-colored cauliflower, same in taste and texture but it came yellow,purple, and green.


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tekstTHC said...

Projectivity is the movement. Lets do it.