Sunday, March 16, 2008

It begins...

Welcome to the beginning.

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Olga said...

James, congratulations on your achievements. Keep on logging hours towards bigger and greater things. i am sure you will open your own restaurant one day and with your work ethics its going to be an undoubtful success!
It was fun to work with you at Zola's... Good old days.. :) I remember it so well: Psycho Trey screaming running around, focused and super important Ralph giving a stare, best busboy team in town, big fat but kind dishwasher Joe, chef Morales flirting with sexy servers, sous chef Mark running out of breath with red cheeks, James Chase trying to create "chef's taste" 2 minutes before the dinner starts and all VIPs of DC were having a pleasure of being served by all of us.. I almost miss it! :)