Monday, March 17, 2008

Who am I anyway?

So, since I am here to introduce myself and let everyone know where I am coming from in this blog, let me begin by saying welcome to the thoughts of the Mad Chef of M Street. That’s right, I work in a restaurant in Georgetown, Washington DC. I am a sous chef and have been working in kitchens for over 10 years. Still young as far as cooking years go, I guess. I have managed to gain some pretty good experience along the way though.

Bein able to open a resaurant when I was 21 was interesting. While the rest of my friends were in the islands for spring break sippin margaritas and I was putting in almost 100 hours a week as sous chef at Zola. I came on board pre-opening and I was considered a late entry. I only add that because the other 3 sous chefs and exec chef had been topping my hours for over a month… before there was even a kitchen!!

Anyways, I digress. Seven years, one more opening and, multiple restaurants/cuisines later, here I am ready to share the random things that happen to me on a daily basis. From doing different private catering events for friends, to distributing a clothing line for another, to listening to and distributing anothers music through the internet and in person, I’m linking everything together to mark my own Projectivity movement.

Thanks for stopping by, and keep checking back, it’ll be a fun ride.


tekstTHC said...

cant wait to reap up. hope you got some dishes i can learn from. need that simple stuff. keep up the all the bard work. peace.


Not bad! Good idea. Ill keep oyu posted on the hotel side of the pipe. Keep on rollin!

Anonymous said...
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