Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Two Short...

So to start off my work day as I walk thru the doors into my office (the kitchen), I am short a prep cook and a dishwasher. Awesome right?? What could I possibly have done to deserve this on a glorious Tuesday?

A special to be made with some Black Grouper brought in from the Carolinas for dinner but all the more pressing is the lunch special which I have to make up in the next twenty mintues!! A simple hash with fingerling potatoes should do. Then after that its off to prep and scrub dishes for the next 2 hours. Dont forget about updating the menu which is done on a daily basis as well.

What about the fish that is coming in? Salmon, Ahi tuna, Swordfish, Black Grouper, Monkfish. All in all another day at the office if you ask me. Gotta run!!!!! I'm down to under twenty minutes to push out that special!!!

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