Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Vamos United!

The power of good, local cuisine is significant. Want some proof?

Jamaican soccer team Harbour View was in town to play DC United last night in the CONCACAF Champions' Cup, after playing them to a 1-1 draw in Kingston last week. Unfortunately, not everyone made the trip, per The Washington Post:

Harbour View is reportedly without two starters, Kemeel Wolfe and Rafeik Thomas, whose visa applications were rejected. The equipment manager and team chef were also prevented from entering the United States.
Jamaican officials declined to specify the issues involved.

How did they do?

Emilio, McTavish Enjoy the View by Scoring Two Goals Each

United 5, Harbour View 0

Next time, make sure your team chef has their visa in order. Or don't suck, one of the two.

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tekstTHC said...

Yea Yea what you know about Harbour View? That was my college dorm. Uhhhhh, yessa