Tuesday, March 25, 2008


You know, there is nothing like stepping into work and being greeted by couple hundred pounds of assorted fish waiting to be fabricated (or butchered, as it were). The usual suspects...Atlantic Salmon, Ahi Tuna, and Monkfish, as well as some more infrequent varieties.

The Escolar (or Walu, as it is more popularly known) was flown in from Hawaii. Walu is not a typo for those of you who may think I mean Wahoo. They're cousins as far as fish go, but you'll find the former in the Pacific and the latter not too far away off the MD shore. We had 60 lbs worth of the Escolar flown in for the banquet we have tomorrow morning, which means prepping a day ahead of time for events of this magnitude.

So after my first hour was spent on the fish, I took all of the leftover bones and have begun to prepare my special for the evening. I am going to take what most people think as useless and make a wicked sauce. 3-4 different vegetables like carrot, celery and onion, along with some good herbs and water to cover everything in a pot. After all of this has been at a gentle simmer for an hour I will add in some Saffron, Kosher salt, and voila, come in and taste the goodness!

Check out the blog tomorrow where I will be speaking about an upcoming event with my friends at 1435 Girard for a food & art show here in DC.

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