Friday, March 21, 2008

Against the Grain

You know how every man with a grill feels he's some kind of expert on steak? And not eating steak rare/medium rare is a sin against mankind and worthy of castration? Well, I used to think like that. I'm no Mad Chef, but if I have a decent cut of beef, I'd sear it real quick on each side ad call it done, especially if it was well marinated.

Well, I had a lovely 2" thick London Broil marinating in my fridge the other day, and decided I'd roll with it. I don't have my new grill yet, so I fired up the broiler, which gets very hot and does well for a steak of that size.

Well, I put it in there for a couple minutes, turned it, and then I forgot about it for about 3 minutes longer than I wanted. I took it out, let it rest, and lo and behold, it was just short of medium-well. And it was glorious.

Sorry fellas, but I'm not eating a steak that's still mooing at me again. Unless I ordered beef carpaccio.

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