Sunday, October 19, 2008


It's Friday already...

I would love to say I had the day off yesterday, but it sure as hell didn't feel like it. From 9am until about 8pm all I did was travel from place to place, making phone calls and placing orders. I must have spent an hour alone making deals with my vendors about what I specifically wanted for my tailgate Sunday.

My tuna is the best available and I could basically eat it right out of the bag. OK, that just didn't sound right, but it's about the best Sushi-grade tuna that money can buy in this area. My produce order had to have been a PITA with all of the broken cases that I ended up getting of several different fruits and vegetables. Terrible.

By Monday I will post up all of the details of what went down this weekend, along with the meeting for the pilot going on next month. The meeting for that is tonite, but first I have to get out of here early to get all of the food needed for Sunday. I ended up having to get everything from a Kosher Market in Wheaton.

They close early on Friday's and are closed on Saturday's for the friend tells me I'm an honorary member of the J Squad this weekend!

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