Monday, November 10, 2008

"It's Just A Case of the Mondays..."


Another bad day? Or just another foul attitude? I can't tell the difference at this point. Maybe it was that call at just before 8am about something being broken in the restaurant? If only it was that easy, she proceeded to thank me for answering the phone because no one else had, including my chef and two technicians. So the problem was able to be fixed without me moving from my bed. It was finished by the time I got in 2 hours later. Sweetness.

Here at work, after making an acorn squash puree twice...yes twice. The first time I simply wasn't happy with the flavor and it had too much water because I cooked them in cream. Lesson learned, huh? So the second time around it was roasted and came out pretty nice. Again, I digress, as I was going to make the menus for the day it took me thirty minutes to figure out why the keyboard wasn't working for the computer. No, it was already plugged in, but I had to try two other keyboards before I found one that worked. I almost put the screen through the wall after about ten minutes.

I love Mondays...

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