Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Slow and Laying Low


If it were any slower I would feel as if it was just a continuation of Monday around here. I won't go into any statistics around the city right now. It's just too depressing!

I did however, have friends J Glaze, Joy Luv, and IB of The Higher Concept stop by after work last night since they have swung into town for the holidays. I wish I could still stay up as late as those kids. We did speak about the pilot for a while and also got to listen to the latest mixtape that THC has put together called Projectivity. It is their 3rd mixtape and it just keeps getting better with the talent that they continue to display and the other artists that they bring on board.

Pack FM, Akrobatik, Slug of Atmosphere, Brother Ali, NYOIL and many more. If you haven't heard of any of the artists I just mentioned then you don't know Hip-Hop. This isn't a mix of the music you hear on the radio. Unfortunately it seems as if these guys are just a little too talented for that sort of thing. By that I mean they aren't talking about "shawty got low" on most of their tracks. Music on the radio today just sucks...

Anyways, them coming into town was a breath of fresh air as always. It promises to be a great week with them around, just hope I can keep up. One of them has already talked me into seeing Redman & Method Man at the 930 tomorrow night. It took a lot of peer pressure, but who could pass up such an opportunity to see the likes of these two! (Note from The Brain: I could...and did!)

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