Saturday, April 5, 2008

Follow Me...Follow Me to Freedom!

Saturday, the most hectic night of the week as far as restaurants go. This one will turn out to be no different it seems.

As I stepped thru the doors this morning I was greeted by a journalism student from UMD by the name of Seth, sent via The Brain to follow the Mad Chef through a typical day at Sea Catch. Unfortunately for him the "speed bump" of the day (lunch) was fairly quiet. Although he did accompany me thru my regular day of butchering fish, including some Pacific Ridgeback Swordfish from Hawaii, checking in all the orders, logging invoices and what not.

Then came making the special for the evening while answering questions. I did have to answer what was my most embarrassing moment in cooking. My reply...well, from which restaurant? I will go no further into that one though, there are too many to mention, the Mad Chef is far from perfect. I have had too much fun along the way to ever think otherwise.

The dinner shift promises to be much more interesting for him, with 227 already on the books all between 5:30-8:45. I know it will be an adventure to anyone who does not see such things on a daily basis, this ain't no reality TV series people, I for one can't wait to see what he thinks.

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