Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I Like it Roughy

So much to do, so little time. Its only Tuesday people and I am already taking deep breaths trying to calm myself until the weekend gets here. Doubles on Monday and Tuesday will do that to you.

I still cant believe I am actually in the Chili Cook-Off this year. 3 years of trying to get in and its finally going to happen!!! I cant wait to throw down with the pros (come at me, Bobby Flay)!!! Of course, the music and the beverages throughout the day are a plus too.

Last night I had the pleasure of cooking for a very important friend of mine. His name is Olmedo, he is 1/2 owner of a clothing line called Dopeville that I absolutely love to wear. Aside from distributing small amounts of clothing for him when I travel, Olmedo treats me like a little brother when it comes to seeking advice. His clothing is sold all over the world, from here to Korea, London, Germany, and back again. I am lucky to have such people in my life who not only provide me with insight into business but also...well...I have a lot of Dopeville gear in the ole closet.

BTW...how hard is it to make business cards?? We got the logo, the design, the info all down...and someone messes up the e-mail address. And as stylish and professional as it is to scratch it out and write in the correct one, I figured I'd just lean on my man Wes at Corporate Press and he'd get it done. Props.

Tonite I was able to make a special with some orange roughy that came in today. I was feeling Asian for some reason today, maybe it was that pad thai last night, and decided on a stir fry with an orange-soy reduction. I started out with 25 orders...it's the end of the night and I have 3 left. Not one returned, not a bit left on any plate that I saw come back. Maybe I should go Asian more often?

Of course it could have just been the fish, but that would be Mad.

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