Friday, April 4, 2008

The Higher Dance Party

I'm tired, I'm bitter and I got off early for once. But...I would much rather spend the evening out and about then just go home and sleep. There are other days for that.

First, however I am dropping off Press Release CD's for friends of mine in a group called The Higher Concept. Why on earth would I be doing this you ask? It is this group of people who have motivated me to further my own career by pushing the envelope just a bit further each time I see them. In early June we're linking up in New York where they are going to put on a graffiti art show with musical performances. The event will be catered by The Mad Chef.

Imagine 10 talented artists with ink, spray paint and canvas, add in some sick music to add to the vibe, and the only piece missing is The Mad Chef!! Could be a lot of people...will I be in over my head? Doubtful, I can always pull a few strings and bring some help along for the ride. Should be an exciting event, cant wait for it!! I'll get pics up as soon as I can afterwards, it'll be awesome.

As a quick note to another friend of mine in a band called The Dance Party ,I must say GOOD LUCK MICK!!! I recently checked out the DC101 site and saw that they were in the finals for The Last Band Standing, I can't say how awesome this band is and I hope they make it in. The winner of the contest will play at the DC101 Chili Cook Off. Their Web site has them playing in Clarendon Sunday night, and once I confirm that I know where I will be that evening.

Happy Weekend!

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