Thursday, April 3, 2008

Soy vey!

So the buzz in the city you're hearing this week is not the annual Cherry Blossom nazis doing their thing (read: clogging up the Metro), it's the opening of the new Nationals Park on the Anacostia.

What's not to love about working hard all day, catching the Metro and going down to see a baseball game with some $7 Miller Lites and a...Veggie Dog?

Veggie dog $5.25 at Change Up Chicken - Sections 135, 203

A veggie dog is probably always a mistake. But hope springs eternal. This one, made of soy protein, wasn't any better or worse than most, which means it wasn't good: For one thing, the synthetic casing just doesn't give you the right hot dog snap when you bite into it.

Now I'm all for us eating a bit healthier, but WTF is this??? Nothing like some warmed, prefabricated soy in a synthetic casing. Makes my mouth water...with vomit.

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