Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Mad Chef Has Left the Building


Last day of the week, bitches!! It's actually going to be a Friday, for once. Why you ask? DUDE, it's Dallas week, enough said. No, not really, but hey sometimes I'm just lucky enough to get Saturdays off.

Tomorrow is actually my 10 year reunion for DeMatha. I will stop by for a few moments only to hopefully speak to some of the people I may or may not remember. OK, so it hasn't been that long but I wasn't always as slick lookin' as the pic that's on this page, or a culinary bad ass, or prom king or any of that. That was The Brain!

(Note from The Brain: Yeah, I ruled. Now I'm old, married, reproducing and drunk alone way too often... Also, nerdy pic of Mad Chef at 14 will be posted soon, I promise you.)

But I did know a lot of cool cats from DM, three of whom are helping with the TV pilot, and I hope to run into some tomorrow night.

So anyways, party of 75 I get to prep for so that should keep me busy for a little while today, and once 8pm rolls around tonite, if it's slow and all is well, I intend to kick off my weekend with, nap.

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