Saturday, September 13, 2008


As I write this I must admit the last thing on my mind is work. Even though I will be heading there in just a few moments. I am jammin out to my favorite DJ, Chris Paul of WPGC, and the new song that he puts up every week for the Redskins.

I am closing tonite so I will be preparing all of my food for tomorrow's home opener at work. While also running the line and putting out a banquet for 110 people. Busy? Yes, but focus and efficiency will be at a max so I can pull this off.

Hot dogs, burgers, wings, dip and salsa. The burgers will be seasoned with mushroom and onion soup mix before they hit the grill. The wings are going into a brine for about 3 hours while I make a bbq sauce for them as well. I will make a 9 layer dip that I have yet to make the same way in the past 3 years since my mother gave me the recipe. As for the salsa I have no clue what I am doing yet but it will have tequila in it.

I will post up the recipe for everything Monday if my boys win. If they lose I probably won't speak about football for the week until next Saturday. That's just how some of us Skins fans are. I see the world through burgundy glasses!!!

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