Saturday, September 6, 2008

Wedding Crashers

A day off is only a few hours away.

What on Earth will I do with myself? Uhhh, catch up on all that I missed over the past 6 days. Mainly sleeping and drinking if it's up to me, which it mostly isn't. That's OK though, tonite was a breeze and it's looking like I will be walking out of here just after 10pm. I can almost taste the Heineken already.

Tonite we had a party of 70 for a wedding reception. Not something I ever want to risk screwing up, so I have personally been preparing the food all day. Who am I kidding, it's usually me doing it anyways. So as I am going over all the ins and outs of this thing I notice a few discrepancies, mainly the fact that the chef is supposed to be cutting the cake.

HA! Homey don't play that! I'm short staffed in the kitchen, my chef is MIA and that would keep me out of the kitchen for 20 minutes in the middle of thank you. So I ultimately had to pass. Sorry, I just won't risk leaving my kitchen stranded for such a long time. If my chef was here there is no doubt it would have happened, but that's just not the case.

Oh yeah, one thing that did slip through the cracks was that there was to be no starch on the plate, in this case truffle mash potatoes. No notes were given to me on that one so I can honestly say, no Bob, I didn't get the memo. Fuck your TPS reports! So no harm, no foul...but whatever happened to that event coordinator they got rid of a month or so ago? Wonder if such a detail would have slipped through the cracks with her??

Have a great weekend!

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