Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Not So Special


After being told that my chef was coming back (after dealing with a family issue for the last week), I got excited at the idea of walking out of this place prior to 11pm for once. Not the case evidently, as I will be having a sit down with my chef tonight.

For what I have no clue, and personally I don't want to see him until he is ready to work. It's none of my business how he feels or acts right now. He is my chef and I have no reason to see him at the workplace until he is ready to be in charge again. Cold huh? Trust me, I am a compassionate person, really. It's just that I can't find the logic in what is about to happen. Do I need him here? Of course, but if he isn't ready it's only a distraction.

Case in point...my specials, since he has taken his leave, have had a different flair or cuisine each shift. I could keep going for at least 2 more weeks before repeating myself somewhere along the line. Today's special...not so much. I took the easy road of what some in this biz like to call a "walk-in special," meaning I am simply utilizing everything I already had in house to do the dinner special. The lunch special was no different. Serves me right, I guess, for letting my guard down.

We will see how long this continues, but tomorrow is right back to day one with my specials, today I have to let it slide because everything is already in place. Tomorrow I think we will try some French cooking for a fresh challenge.

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