Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bought Out


After working around the clock and then some yesterday, today I stumble into leftover equipment all over the place. All of which was rented for the buyout by Clark Realty. They dropped just over 100k for the entire event, 3 chocolate fountains and an ice luge (yes there were some drinkers there) were just a few of the items they brought with them to the event.

After an event like that I would love to say I have some breathing room to order some different stuff to play with. Unfortunately, things like chantrelle mushrooms still run just over 20 bucks a pound. Being that I would be using it for a special that would require around 4-5 pounds of them, simple math right? So that thought has been put on hold once again. We do however have beluga lentils upstairs, so I think I will start with that. Gotta find some pork fat because, in my humble opinion, some foods just need that to taste good.

Also, I think after some further reading, after all it is fundamental, maybe I will start to play around with the molecular gastronomy thing. Seems interesting enough and with the right toys like "agar-agar" and some imagination I just might be able to pull this stuff off! Time to get on the phone with a vendor!!

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