Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Chili in NYC

We going international!!!

OK, not really, more like going north...NYC that is! That doesn't sound cool at all either, huh? Either way, someone in The Higher Concept has invited me to a chili cook-off taking place in January. Who am I to turn down such an opportunity...to DRINK!!! OK, so it will be about me making some chili, this one may only have 40 contestants or so, meaning I intend to sweep the floor with whoever I am going up against. It's fucking chili man, one of these times I am going to start reaping whatever rewards they offer and this will be the start. First this, and then the DC101 competition in May.

Back to reality ....

Tuesday and boy is it slow. I burned myself, deservingly so after grabbing a pan that I had just taken out of the oven. See where my focus goes when its slow? I start thinking about chili cook-offs that are months away and a pilot that just can't seem to come together fast enough and I'm gonna cut off one of my hands before too long. Today, I took some cauliflower and just sliced them real thick. "Cauliflower steaks," for lack of a better name, if you wanted to imagine what they look like. I will roast these off to get some nice color on them, make up a red pepper & chipotle jus and find some fish to pair it with.

I also took some time to find a pumpkin mousse recipe and I will make that later on tonite if I have the time. Whoever made that dish on Top Chef last week really fucked it up when they put it with fruit! I will be putting it with layers of a brown sugar & orange whipped cream and some chopped ginger snaps. Simple and way the heck better then pumpkin with strawberries!!!

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