Saturday, December 27, 2008

Maybe I Should Convert...


So how was your Christmas? Mine wasn't too shabby, got a nice little laptop as a new toy so I have no excuses but to actually keep track of things on the Web now. Christmas Eve I went to an event called "Matzo Ball" if you can figure out what that means. Let's just say that while the Christians are going to mass to rejoice in the coming of the sun err I mean son (Zietgiest reference) the Hebrews are out partying it up half way through Hanukkah like it's New Year's Eve.

Only a place for the classy, evidently, so I had to get dressed up to keep up with the Joneses but it was a great time. It made Christmas day a little too short though since I was right back to work today, and it made Thursday into a recovery day but it was well worth it.

Do you know that some of these department stores opened at 5am this morning in hopes of today becoming Black Friday part deux? Too bad there wasn't a lick of traffic on the road to support the theory.

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