Monday, December 1, 2008

You Know What A Butternut Squash Looks Like, Right?

Monday morning...

After going to a weeding on Saturday on the beach, yes on the beach, the weekend didn't seem to get any better. Had to make a several hour drive to be at of the wedding and had to make that same drive back at night. The Redskins get stomped on, and the Terps follow suit. Not a great weekend I guess, so not much to write about.

Today I am making a butternut squash and oyster mushroom risotto. Wish I could get my hands on some truffle oil at a decent price. Dean & Deluca down the street wants to charge 26 bucks for 7 ounces of the stuff. Totally not worth it, and it's the white truffle oil...not the good stuff. I will make up a port reduction and add some demi to it to make a nice savory sauce to go along with the risotto. I need to find some different foods to play with so I can continue to diversify my own skills. This should become my top priority for an extended period of time if I ever expect to kick it with the big dogs on Top Chef.

The only problem with "upping the anty" on my food is I have to get my cooks to follow suit with what it is I expect on the plate. Easier said then done and I will leave it at that. Won't back down on such a thing though, it's the little speed bumps that make you better later on.

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