Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Correction and Connections

So I was reading over my entry from yesterday, and before someone tries to question one sentence I must restate that the food cost has dropped to 31% for the average over this year. Last year at this time it was 31%, the year before that, when I wasn't in this kitchen...36%. No exaggeration.

Short and sweet, too much on the mind of this Mad Chef. What can one do to get more attention around here? How else can I put my name out further? DC101 next week is only the beginning if I or The Brain have anything to do about it. Is it time to break down and actually apply for one of those reality TV shows I despise? Tom Collichio and I could be tipping drinks on set by this time next year. First though, do you know how many people actually apply for those damn cooking shows??? Thousands, and there is only one Mad Chef of M Street. Anyone got a horseshoe?

Fish being flown in from South Africa on Friday morning, meaning I get to play with the 1/4lb shrimp again. I'm thinking tempura this time around...

Things are getting quiet around the restaurants in DC of late. Customers aren't spending as much money, gas keeps going up and Obama has to go and screw things up by letting his kids do a television interview. Tomorrow I am off to get my passport for an upcoming and long overdue vacation, it's only been about 2 years. Also I am going to look into getting some tickets to a Food & Wine expo in October held in NYC, put on by the Food Network. Maybe I can beg Bobby Flay to hire me? Or tell Eric Ripert I can poach a fish as good as he can? Or inform Mr. Bertolli that...nevermind, I don't fuck with the Italians. I know how to make risotto and I will leave it at that.

Another open to close shift today...WTF day is it anyway?

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