Friday, July 11, 2008

Give Me Some Credit!

Hold honor of the late David Haines from WPGC morning broadcasts...iiiiittttsssss FFFFrrriiiiddddddaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

Just was reminiscing for a moment. Today is the day, however, that I am going to prepare a special with those big ass shrimp. I'm thinking hot, cold, sweet, and sour on the plate, all Asian. I Though I may even hold these until tomorrow because I have friends coming in to eat. But anyway, rice noodles, maybe even udon, but it will be a cold pasta salad of some kind. Those shrimp are going to be stuffed with some goodies and then maybe some tempura for the fryer. Should be fun.

As soon as I walk through the doors this morning, my lead cook tells me we received a C.O.D. delivery for some type of hot sauce we carry. COD? What the hell are we doing on COD for anything? Doesn't this company realize we have 5 hotels backing us also? We roll on credit dammit...or so I thought. It was kind of like that scene in Office Space dealing with the TPS reports.

I ran down the steps to tell my GM what was going on and he handed me the paperwork asking me to deal with it. I ran back upstairs and one of the accountants said he needed the packet it came with...what fucking packet? I just walked in the fucking door!!! I go back downstairs and my GM tells me we need to give the guy a check, so I should go get it from accounting.

"OK, stop, pick up the phone James and call accounting" I say to myself. So I did, and accounting walked down the damn steps and found the guy to cut him his check...20 minutes later. HA!

10:30 now, I've been here 25 minutes and haven't changed into my uniform yet and a PM line cook strolls in to help prep. That puts 3 prep cooks in my kitchen and we have no banquets this weekend. Sorry bud, your not even scheduled until noon and you are here now? Do you want some extra hours??? I tell him I don't need him, he says chef said it was OK, and I say chef isn't here right now and I don't need him.

Attitude ensues and he actually calls my chef. Sad huh? Told you I don't run things around here, right? My chef had my back in a heartbeat of course, and even got pissed because the line cook called him. Nice try, buddy.

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