Sunday, July 27, 2008

Too Tired for A Cool Title


The conclusion of my week and what a week it has been. Can I go into detail? No, my AGM and Event Coordinator are no longer with the company. Enough said. Major changes coming about in the future of this company, or so I am being told. Could get interesting around here depending what happens to The Mad Chef of M Street.

"Cost control" are words to live by in the restaurant biz. I argue, err relate with my vendors on a daily basis to keep our costs on seafood low. If you knew what I was paying per pound for this jumbo lump crab meat on a daily basis (we get at least 20lbs. a day) you wouldn't believe me.

If I told you that I sometimes pay less the 5 bucks a pound for my salmon, would you believe me?? What about the Alaskan Halibut you pay up to 14 bucks a pound for at your local grocer? I can cut that in half by the time I'm done talking to 3 different fish companies. Luck is all I can say ;) So we'll see.

Tonite promises to be busy since we are sitting around 200 reservations as of right now. Beautiful weather for the patio, so it should be interesting.

Fish to cut, special to make, food to cook for the speed hump. A new cook to train during the night, and a prep cook still learning the ropes of what it is to make risotto. Yay.

Have a great weekend!!

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