Tuesday, July 29, 2008

You Got Served

Tuesday night and yet again we started with 72 and ended with 190. One re-cook of a Sea Bass that must have gotten cold at the table, and no I won't take the blame for it, I saw the food sitting in front of the couple while passing by. 5 minutes later it was back in my kitchen. No harm, no foul.

I did however get into it with a server this evening. The servers here sometimes finish desserts simply by placing whatever ice cream should go with it before it is taken to the table. Not my name on the door so I can't put up a quibble that I don't think a server should ever touch anything in the kitchen, other then a plate to be taken out to the floor.

Anyways, the server puts the wrong amount of ice cream on the plate, so I tell him it's wrong. He proceeds to tell me how the correct size scoop is not there to plate it correctly. I give him the scoop...well I won't lie, I walked over, grabbed the scoop from below the other one where it had been the entire time, and dropped it on the table right in front of him. He calls me an asshole under his breath, and proceeds to break up the ice cream on the plate.

No matter to me, buddy, call me whatever you want but you will make my chef's plate correctly. I told him it was only one scoop, and he calls me an asshole again. At this point I'm about to my breaking point. So I took the plate and told him what an asshole really would do, and gave the plate to my dishwashers and made him wait while I made another one.

Probably the wrong thing to do, but screw it. Waste my time and I can easily do the same to you, as I know how to promo food so it doesn't bother me one bit.

So, to recap the week I've gone apeshit on a busboy and now a server...so maybe a dishwasher will throw my keys down the drain tomorrow or something. I'm really not that bad of a person! lol

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