Thursday, July 17, 2008

Walk Hard

So the plus side to my day was that I got to prep for the EITM thing tomorrow morning. Tried a few things out one more time and wrapped it up to help with prep. There are 2 large parties tomorrow and The Mad Chef of M Street will not be there. My chef has noted that several times the past 2 days. I know I'm lucky so I wont complain, but when is my week long vacation coming again???

On to a wrap up of the dinner shift tonight...

Another day another story, this time two ladies sat down at a table around 8 pm, and after the server greeted them they decided to move to the bar, no harm no foul there. They ordered two Apple Martinis and 5lb lobster stuffed with crab meat (split, and this is 176 bucks with the crab meat added). After maybe 15 minutes they got up, paid for their drinks (cash) and left the restaurant, telling our bartender that they have a family emergency.

Alerted by the bartender ,my AGM followed them outside and confronted the women, so they apologized and again stated that have a family emergency and they will be back (WTF?). At that point they were on 31st street and my AGM couldn’t really do anything to get them back to the restaurant.
My AGM was forced to promo the lobster as a “walk out”.

What else can I say about my evening? That is the icing on the cake right there.

At least the kitchen ate well tonight....

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