Monday, August 25, 2008

Eh, I'm Back


Back in the office...err kitchen. Wish I was in an office, cause then I would be leaving within 8 hours, hahaha. As it is, it's barely 10 am and I will be out of here hopefully before 11pm. What are you gonna do, the life of a chef right?

Well as I walk thru the doors this morning, I notice my prep cook isn't here. Is he scheduled to come in late today? Hmmm, have to ask the chef about that one. My raw bar cook is spinning like a chicken with its head cut off because she is out of so many items...awesome.

Also, there was a prep list for me to take care of. OK, why is the prep cook coming in late again? Cant wait to hear that from him. There was also note left for me to get a freezer key from that same cook, because a dishwasher broke the key while I was gone. Only problem is that cook doesn't have the key either. Did I mention that I am the only manager that does NOT have keys? This could have easily been avoided if...

No need to even go there, if that is the only problem I have today it will be too easy of a welcome back.

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