Saturday, August 9, 2008

Silent Lucydity...

Last night...

Um, so this Lucyd Entertainment company is the real deal. No doubt about it, last night I saw 4 bands in the span of 2 hours that I was there with about 80 other people. This place where it's held (called Mayorga) can hold around 200 with ease. Next months event, that I will be doing some food for, will have 5 different reggae acts and I was told last night that 2 radio stations will be getting involved. I only heard the words 93.9 for one of them, WKYS. This should get interesting. The owner even went so far as to tell me that the more "fu fu" (yes he used those words) I made the food the better!

It was a mixed crowd last night which makes it even more fun, appealing to the masses is what I cook for in the first place. I just can't wait.

Today at work I have already walked into shitstorm of things I left undone Thursday...gee, think I should practice what I preach more often? Time to fix it all up before my chef comes in and notices!

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