Friday, August 15, 2008

Hump Day

Food Factory...

That about sums up this restaurant for the evening. We did just around 300 covers tonite, and I expect to see 400 by Saturday evening. That's not even counting the actual reservations we start off with, as the restaurant ends up turning away walk-ins prior to 7pm because of the amount of reservations, and then when a bunch of no shows happen we end up getting flooded with tables just after 8pm. Its an awesome experience let me tell you, [Borat] NOT! [/Borat]

From 6pm on, the same menu items get rung in about 100 times a piece, because remember we only put 3 entrees on the menu for Restaurant Week. My saute cooks kinda just relax while my grill cook busts his ass for 4 straight's kinda comical. 4 salmon, 3 tilapia, 1 chicken, order in. Pick up 5 croquettes, 2 salmon, 1 chicken, 4 tilapia. Imagine hearing that all night long, then a curve ball gets thrown in and we actually get a regular table. What are they doing here? Don't they know this is hell week?

Last year during Restaurant Week I actually had to call 3 different places before my girl and I found a place that WASN'T participating in the promotion. The hostess over the phone sounded apologetic and I was ecstatic.

I actually didn't raise my voice tonite except to do a karaoke of the Beastie Boys "Sabotage." My air guitar kicks ass dammit!

Close tonite and walkin out of here at around eleven, only to turn back around and be back here at 8 on Thursday...3 more days!!!!

Did I mention I am off all next week? (boner)

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