Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Walk-In or Walk Out?

So...it's almost 10pm and we are pretty slow so I should walk out of here well before 11pm...if it wasn't for this walk-in that is hovering at around 50 degrees. I could call a tech to come in and fix it tonite, but then I would be here until the wee hours of the morning waiting on the guy, and that's not including the hours it would take him to asses and fix the problem.

Quick fix? Well, since it's hot as hell in this kitchen I can assume that the doors were open for an extended period of time and its taking it too long to come back to 40 where its supposed to be. If this is the case I will put a copious amount of ice in that fucker and see if it helps it within 30 minutes. Why? Why the hell not?!

Now if this doesn't solve the problem, I could be writing a 3rd entry this evening of how I am waiting forever for a technician to come and fix this thing. Yet, as I type that I realize I am the Mad Chef of M Street. Nowhere in that name does it say crazy or stupid. Therefore I will proceed to move all of the items from one cooler into the other cooler for the night and have a technician check it out first thing tomorrow morning.

Screw sitting and waiting, I need my beauty sleep dammit, and I just got back from vacation...why on earth would I subject myself to that? Did I mention that I am about to move around $5,000 in vegetables and dairy products from one walk-in to another? Gotta go round up my dishwashers...like I said, I just got back from vacation. Need to ease back into this thing, ya know?

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