Monday, August 11, 2008



So it's only Monday and I'm already set for this week to be shit. Sorry for the negative attitude but when I walk thru the dining room and see nothing but water in glasses and extra lemons on plates, with the occasional packets of sugar to spell some table side lemonade, I can see the future. Well, how would you feel? I mean that was at 7pm. By 8:30 I had 25 tickets on pickup with nothing but restaurant week menu shit.

I had 3 salmons come back tonite, each stating that it was overcooked. I tried each and every fucking one and couldn't, for the life of me, figure out what the customer was smoking. Enough of that, story of the nite as follows...

One customer that sent a salmon back stating that it was undercooked, and wanted no "pink" in the fish. OK, I was actually happy that when the salmon came back it was medium rare, ideal for what I want my grill cook to put out. So we bring the salmon up to about medium well so it will be cooked but won't be dry. We send it out and it comes back cut in half, so at this point, the manager looks at me and says "they want this well done and with no 'pink.'"

OK assholes, do you know what color a salmon is when its done?! Fucking pink! I gave them a new piece of fish, cooked well done and sent it back out. Didn't come back again but my only question, again, is what are people smoking these days?

Next time, I'm blackening a goddam Halibut filet and sending it pink, asshole.

This week's gonna be great!

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