Thursday, August 7, 2008

M-16 Styles


No time for shit today, people, so this is kind of rapid fire. 11am on the dot and the banquet I have for this evening has now jumped up by 20 people. Calls to make and fish to order for same day delivery...basically I am calling in favors across the board. This should be an interesting day.

Halibut cheeks to play with as well. I'm thinking a port fig reduction of some kind, roasted garlic mash and some type of vege. My line cook just cut his hand, so he is going home. My prep cook is about to learn how to make a sauce for me while I work the line. The figs I ordered fresh came in dried, gee thanks! The NY strips I ordered came in as ribeye's...and they just so happen to be on the party menu, awesome!

All in a days work.

And on a completely different note to The Brain, no one is going to draft a wide receiver in the 2nd round of Fantasy Football, I don't care what kind of crack your on.

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