Tuesday, August 5, 2008

No Damn Title!

Well, well, well, my chef has just left the building for the next 2 days and its looking like I will actually get my Friday evening off. YIPPY!

Anyways, those are thoughts for tomorrow. Tonite was an extremely slow night, save for a banquet of 40 people. That was about the highlight of my evening with no glitches to speak of. Nice to have one of those every once in a while.

My chef left for the evening and was so into taking the next 2 days off, he forgot to change the soup for the evening. I would call him out for it when he gets back, but just writing about it here gives me all I need. The words "focus" and "finish strong" come to mind, which everyone that has ever worked with me in a kitchen has heard before. It's self explanatory though, focus being concentrate on the task at hand and finish strong meaning don't half ass your final hour, dammit.

So back to Sunday night after the Flobots show, did I mention The Brain cant stand 'em? Or the fact that I think they were awesome? As I am leaving the show I met this guy outside handing out CDs. First thing I'm thinking is that I will lose this CD before I get home. He speaks to me for a minute, kinda holding back what it was about but admitting it was the first 5 songs he had ever done. So I figured it would suck ass.

Being that I am all about music, I listened to the CD on my way to work yesterday. Yesterday's Truth is the name of the group. I can guarantee that no one has ever heard of this kid. He is one of a million others trying to stake their claim to the music world, and it was his first 5 songs ever.

My critique? I am still listening to the CD and it's in my computer as I type this. Time to introduce him to my friends in Staten Island, The Higher Concept, to put him on a mixtape with them. It's good shit.

Which brings me to my final thought of the day. I can't think of a name for the TV show. The Brain is all pissy about it cause he can't either. It's basically chef + music = awesomeness for 28:30 minutes, but I can't give more than that away.

Everything is about ready to roll...just needs a damn title!

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